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One could call us free spirits, wandering souls or even passionate explorers.

Growing up in a small town, one is confined to what is around you. Our first trip abroad changed all of that. The wanderlust bug bit and we haven't stopped exploring this beautiful planet of ours ever since.

We see travel as one of the best ways to live our lives. Travel opens your mind and you get to experience what no university could possibily teach you. Travelling, to us, is an acknowlegement of an existence of a higher being.

Left in awe when witnessing the Aurora borealis for the first time, learning about different creatures, viewing the wonders of the world, experiencing different cultures and cuisines are all milestones in our travel adventures.

We then took the next bold step, to make our passion a reality for others, where we could share our knowledge and experiences with other people. This is our contribution to creating priceless memories to many explorers of all ages.